In the sadly prophetic words of Led Zeppelin:                 "Been a long time since I Rock & Rolled...."


A Writer/ Broadcaster for more than 30 years, Joel Scarborough cut a professional trail from Biloxi, Mississippi to Los Angeles, California with an occasional stop in between.

In 1999, Joel retired to Covington, Louisiana, where he dabbled in freelance writing, designed and maintained a website for a gorgeous artist-wife and tried to stay in touch with old colleagues. 

In 2005, an uninvited hurricane called Katrina suggested that , Joel & Sandy just might have reached a stage in life where evacuating from hurricanes was no longer an enjoyable sport.  That's when they pulled up stakes and relocated  to Joel's Northeast Arkansas birthplace, and regretfully abandoned their beautiful home and some of the most wonderful friends they had ever known.

Bored by retirement, Joel now owns and  operates of System Visions Internet Technologies, and when time permits, has enjoyed building this little stroll down memory lane with an acknowledgement to those many acquaintences that  have filled and enriched his broadcast career and with so many memorable moments.  This is a project in progress, and just might never be finished.  If you are interested, just enter the site by clicking the button below.

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